My name is Veasna Buth
an English Speaking Tour Guide
Addr : Mondol 3 Villages, Slorgram Commune,Siem Reap District-Province.

 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am an English speaking tour guide in Siem Reap Angkor in Cambodia. I am able to bring you to see the daily-lives of the villagers and their methods of farming as well.I am  An cambodian  native and a tour guide in Siemreap Angkor in Cambodia worked as tour guide begining from 2003 untill today So, I can arrangement the full quality , the arranging from tour guide to transportation,and hotels as well  and can recognize you to all provinces in cambodia ,my experience are fisherman , farming 9 years, laundry company, security, worked as reception in Victorya hotel , TukTuk driver, car driver,  tour guide, and joined into the monkhood for 4 years, You will taste one of the most unpolluted and untouched regions of Southeast Asia.
Mysterious moments
Discover Angkor mysteries with a guide who feels what you need. A guide who knows just a bit more a monk in his youth, his spirituality and quietness, can have a calming effect.
If you like: visit to trustable clairvoyant and wish herb women. If you like: quiet place to reflect, meditate at hidden shrines All easy and accessible, close by ! If you like visit to sacred woodland spring quiet and wonderful ! If you like: adventures further off the beaten track, meeting real rural life, or saddhu in cave, holy men and blessings for your life enjoy the personal quiet care of your guide Buth Veasna.

Tel: (855 ) 12 665 147 , 69 70 76 47  ,  88 86 55 147

E-mail   smilysiemreap@yahoo.com